Rectangular Cement Paver


Rectangular Cement Paver

Finish: Italian Sandstone Buff 

Texture: Coral Stone Texture Available Upon Request 


CAS-19-10     16"L,  8"W,  2" deep

CAS-19-10P     16"L,  8"W,  2" deep (pallet of 100)

CAS-19-11     16"L, 24"W,  2" deep

CAS-19-11P     16"L, 24"W,  2" deep (pallet of 100)

CAS-19-12     16"L, 32"W, 2" deep

CAS-19-12P     16"L, 32"W, 2" deep (pallet of 25)

CAS-19-13     18"L, 9"W, 2" deep

CAS-19-13P     18"L, 9"W, 2" deep (pallet of 100)

CAS-19-14     24"L, 12"W, 2" deep

CAS-19-14P     24"L, 12"W, 2" deep (pallet of 100)


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